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Yazija is a creation. Despite that, people should never get the feeling that he is not real – because he is. He’s a reflection of one of Jacquill’s many personalities. Therefore, it is important that there will be established an intimate connection.

Yazija is all parts Jacquill struggles with to fully express as Jacquill – Yazija is his cure.

‘’ I felt incredibly alone and that there was no one in my environment that truly understood me. I feel that a lot of people can relate to this. So, my only dream with whatever it is that I, as Jacquill (and Yazija), will put out in the world is to share my truth, my journey of survival. Hopefully that output will reach the ones who need it most – hopefully the energy I share with the world will serve as strength to others who need it in order to make their way through this beautiful yet very challenging life.

Sometimes it seems easier to give up and step out of life than to feel and accept the hurt and continue until better days come. But I know that on the other side of suffering lays a future brighter than you can imagine in your deepest moments of pain. ‘’

When people think of Yazija, a warm and loving feeling should arise. A feeling that makes you pick-up your phone and reach out to one of your loved ones to simply check-in to see if they’re all right.

Yazija will display the same softness the way figures like Nelson Mandela and Princess Diana did. But at the same time Yazija will also blow away his audience in a manner that brings together the fire of Freddy Mercury, the gracefulness of Anita Baker and Whitney Houston, and the softness of George Michael, Sade and Prince.

“Making art is a way of sharing yourself, and saying to others it’s okay. It’s a way of saying to others - you are not alone.”

- Lorraine O'Grady