Only You, my latest release.
Now available, only on Youtube.
Hi ! Down below you can find the breakdown per scene for Yazija’s newest release: Disco Star. Before you read, we’d like to express our gratefulness to you for jumping on to this project and journey with us. Please let us know how we can make your process better/smoother. Is there something in this briefing we can elaborate on? What are your own ideas regarding this briefing?
Let us know through slack. Thank you.

Disco Star

RELEASE DEC. 3. 2021.
Maya, Miko and Munir.





Here we see Yazija’s face in space. It needs to feel very vulnerable and upclose. The inspiration comes from an MJ album cover and this clip from Beyonce. 

The space backdrop will be created through VFX or stock footage.
(optional : warp space? - maybe we should just skip this if it looks too corny).

EXPERIMENT: Maybe closer up of the eye looks better, or an intense close up with just one eye - see how it flow with the following scene.

Have you ever seen
Something shine like this
I saw it for the first time in your eyes


Miko opens up with Bird bird dance.

Caught me by surprise

This feeling that I thought had died

So deep inside, but so alive

Maya continues.
Note: use clip without playbacking.
As I

Make my way through the night

Caught by a blinding light

You’re all I see
When I look up to my dreams
Yazija facing with his back continuos the dance.

You’re all that I see
When I
Look up to the sky

You’re all that I see
Prism hit by sunlight

You’re my discostar
Discostar shining brighter than anyone else

Brighter than anyone else

You’re my discostar

Prism hit by sunlight
Brighter than anyone else

Shining brighter than anyone else



Yazija walking from far back to the front and in between he assumes various poses. Behind him the muses are enlarged and are looking down on him. 

Play with the sizes of the muses and what looks best. 

Mix with
1. Close up performance shots of Yazija’s face
2. Close up shots of the muses their faces, just stares of Miko and movement/dance shots of Maya (where she stares as well).

Tell me
What I’m
Supposed to do
Supposed to do

Show me
What it is
That you do

That you do
To me


During this scene it’s full focus on Yazija and his movement / performance (in shadow - no full/naked body shots).