Only You, my latest release.
Now available, only on Youtube.

Only You
Electronic Press Kit


After the release of his debut single ‘Out’,  Yazija returns with ‘Only You’ - 
a raw and intimate statement in which the artist reflects on a personal experience of unfulfilled love.

Only You, visual record delivered in a longing, and somewhat melancholic manner, takes the viewer through the different stages of a story that is still too often kept invisible within our society: the intimate relationships that exist between BIPOC queer men. In the visual record we see Yazija and his counterpart in constant flux with one another. The growing distance between them is often juxtaposed with moments of intimacy, creating a vulnerable representation of their hidden love that wants to be fulfilled but fails to do so.

Only You, directed by upcoming Curaçaoan director Kevin Osepa and in creative collaboration with the American photographer, Clifford Prince King, showcases the queer and in particular the gay sensibility that feels emotionally threatening and socially disruptive to those who are trying to sustain heteronormative constructed lives and identities. While creating the treatment for Only You, Osepa and Yazija found inspiration in King’s sensitive and vulnerable representation of black queer love.

“I wrote Only You during a period in which I was unable to express the deep feelings of love and desire I carried for another man. I found myself afraid of letting my heart speak fearing the consequences it could bring.” - Yazija.

Yazija’s desire to understand and dismantle his own internalised fear led him to The Study From Indiana, as referenced in Walt Odet’s ‘Out of The Shadows’ – a book that serves as an invaluable resource for gay/queer men seeking self-identities free of the labels and stigma imposed by the larger society.

’’Odet’s words helped me to understand that my inability to express my feelings of love and desire derived from internalized shame. This inner conflict resulted in an investigation into my own fears, in an attempt to grow and learn how to open myself up to fearlessly loving another man” - Yazija

In order to create more awareness for the BIPOC queer experience, Yazija, believes that the intimacy that lives between BIPOC queer men needs to be made more visble in order for it to be normalised and accepted. For that particular reason the artist has decided to make Only You solely available as a visual record

‘’A life in which love cannot be fully expressed, is in my opinion a life that cannot be lived to its fullest potential. My wish for this visual record is that it will contribute to creating more space for more love in the world”, he says.


Only You is now available, only on Youtube.