Only You, my latest release.
Now available, only on Youtube.

Discostar by Yazija
A tribute to divine feminine energy

Yazija finds himself at the intersection of music and performance art. Through his music, which blends pop, soul and modern R&B, Yazija investigates various themes that play an important part in his life such as the identity of self, gender roles, and masculine vulnerability. Yazija and his music have previously appeared on media platforms such as Numéro Magazine, Glamcult, and Sublime FM.

After releasing ‘Only You’, a visual record exclusively available on YouTube, Yazija returns with a captivating Performance Registration Video (PRV) for his third release ‘Discostar’ – a tribute to divine feminine energy that not only surrounds him, but also resides within him. Yazija’s newest PVR ‘Discostar’, to be released on February 4th, shows how the artist embraces his femininity with the help of his muses and embarks on a journey wherein he liberates himself from the western social construct of what it means to be a man. The story touches on a part of his personal life in which he embraces both his masculine and feminine energy.

"It felt as if there was no space for my true identity within society, until I started crossing paths with individuals who were reclaiming what was rightfully theirs: their freedom to be their authentic selves. One of the things that my interactions with these fearless individuals brought about was the realisation that as a man I am more than my masculinity and that my being is built upon a foundation made up of masculine AND feminine energy. Being able to balance both energies can be a source of strength."

For the PRV Yazija assigned female activist Zoë Bab as his co-director, who is involved in several LGBTQIA+ and black rights movements, such as ‘Black Pride’. Aware of the fact that he could not create Discostar's visual identity from his own male perspective, the artist trusted that Bab could fill the role as his collaborator - someone who would be critical to his ideas and safeguard an outcome that is culturally sensitive.