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on all streaming platforms.
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PR Guidelines

Social Media and New Releases
Only communicated on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok.

The Yazija social media channels (Instagram and Tiktok) will only show the most recent campaigns.
It’s minimal for optimal focus, almost an online exhibit. 

Partnerships/ Events
Open for anything that matches Yazija’s vision and mission such as National Ballet,
Reference Studio, A24, HBO, MoMa, Studio Museum in Harlem - any creatives or institutions. 

Another key factor is also to see what kind of contribution the other party can give for exposure.

Yazija will appear on stage and on screen (film/movies) only.

Open for anything.

Yazija will always be dressed to kill. Meaning high fashion, couture, ahead and above latest trends.

High fashion plaforms, think AnotherMan Magazine, 032c, i-D, Dazed, British Vogue, Garage Magazine,
Numero, GlamCult, Another Mag, ‘A Magazine Curated’ Artforum, Freeze. etc. 

Anything that has it’s finger on the current zeigeist.  However, we are open for anything
depending on the framework we can present Yazija’s story in.