Discostar, streaming globally
on all streaming platforms.
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Social Guidelines

Main channels for communication
 Instagram, Facebook, Youtube,  TikTok, Vimeo.

On social channels we only post the releases.
We casually engage with brief ‘thank you’ - but nothing too deep.
The intimate connections and conversations will be held on JGB page. 

Content such as interviews, shoots or anything that’s not related to a release
can be posted on IG TV or in Yazija highlights.

We are open to any partnership, influencers, institutions that ‘makes sense’ and fits the Yazija
vision and mission and can contribute to share Yazija’s story with a larger audience. 

Posting framework
On the Yazija page we post ‘official’ content meaning: the teasers and the final release. 
With each new release, we archive the previous. The proces, context and inspiration behind
a release will be posted seperately on JGB’s page.   

Typical Content Release to think of
Feed - teasers and posts
Ad before and after release


Releases Post + ads

Ads (Instagram)


Only during a release.
Through JGB page and ‘word of mouth’.