The mission is brought to life through 

Yazija’s Manifesto

  1. I won’t rush. I will surrender to the divine flow of life.
  2. I will rest. My willpower will be directed inwards in order to strengthen my connection to self.
  3. Visual, sound, and movement shall be given equal importance.
  4. I will never lose sight of the fact that music is an artform, a sacred method of communication that has the power to heal.
  5. I will honor and continue to work of my ancestors every step of this journey, as it is they who have paved the path I am blessed to now walk on.
  6. I will keep the environment in mind and only put out work that will contributes to a better world.
  7. Love and honesty will be at the core of all artistic expressions.
  8. I will encourage critical thought and shall not steer away from criticism.
  9. In my communication with the outer world, I will strive to communicate in a manner that does not exclude anyone and stimulates further investigation.
  10. I will allow myself to be contradictory as I am not my words, I am the present and every changing, ever evolving.
  11. The platform that I am given will be used to amplify messages that contribute to the spiritual nourishment of the entire human race.

“To not rest is really being violent towards your body, to align yourself with a system that says your body doesn’t belong to you, keep working, you are simply a tool for our production”
– Tricia Hersey

“Thinking critically is at the heart of anybody transforming their life” – Bell Hooks